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Bikram Yoga Brisbane is an independently and family owned, non-franchised studio, dedicated to teaching the original therapeutic hot yoga series, as well as pilates and yin. We also have float pools, an in house masseuse, offer workshops, pop up classes, private and corporate sessions, and have spaces available for hire.  We really have it all!

Our teachers and staff strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment to all those who pass through our doors and our students only add to this wonderful community. We welcome everyone, no matter your age, fitness level or health concerns. All classes cater for beginners through to advanced practitioners. It really reinforces that our therapeutic classes are for everyone.

Our focus is on correct alignment and breathe. Learning patience and discipline means no matter the state of your body (whether you have old or new injuries or if you’re fit and healthy) you will find new challenges and ways to create the change you are looking for.

Hey I’m Sherry, a Mum of two and Grandmother of 4, who found yoga in her early 50’s and hasn’t looked back since! Before being introduced to yoga in 2005 through my son-in-law, I had a fairly sedentary lifestyle and a host of health conditions that came with that. I experienced first hand the therapeutic nature of Bikram Yoga, and went on to complete my yoga teacher training in 2007 so I could share these benefits with others. I have since opened my own studio, and have gone on to complete trainings in Yin Yoga, HIIT Pilates, and Gong Sound Therapy. At 69 years of age, I still love how strong and healthy my body feels, and how calm and clear my mind is. It brings me great joy to see others experiencing similar benefits in their own body, mind and life, whenever myself or any one of the amazing teachers at our studio guides them through their yoga or pilates class. The studio is much more than just a space to “work out” for me – it’s a place where we come together as a community, improve our health and wellness, and make some wonderful friends along the way.

Our People

All of our wonderful instructors are officially certified and licensed to teach. They have each done a variety of trainings and courses in their respective fields, and bring a wealth of knowledge, passion, and care to their classes.

Meet our Teachers


My name is Amy and I teach both Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates at Bikram Yoga North Brisbane and Woolloongabba.  I have always had an interest in health, movement, mobility, strength and flexibility.  Having practised Bikram Yoga for 10 years, I have seen and felt the positive impact it has had on my life, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well.  I get immense joy out of teaching and seeing so many people come into these two studios and further improve their quality of life; this is what motivates me, all of those students!  When I am not in the hot room, I am usually furthering my knowledge and have completed not only my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training but also the Inferno Hot Pilates Level 1, 200HR Hatha Teacher Training and most recently obtained my certificate in Restorative Yoga.  I also love practising calisthenics and work part-time as an emergency veterinary nurse.


Heya, I'm Deb, Hot HIIT Pilates instructor and dedicated hot room HIIT torturer! I found HIIT Pilates many years ago and, as a student, it initially provided some variety to complement my  Bikram practice. A few weeks in and I was addicted - the music, the moves, the challenge! I couldn't wait for the studio to add more classes to the schedule. My body was responding in ways I didn't think possible with just one class a week - hello abs! My legs could hold out in triangle like never before! My core woke up and I started to appreciate how important developing further strength is, both physically and mentally! Being in a position to share this super effective (and fun) workout, and the benefits it brings, is the absolute highlight of my week and I love that it is for everybody, catering to all levels of fitness. When I'm not encouraging students to 'love the burn' I'm a busy mama to two crazy, beautiful gals, doing my best to balance family, my own consulting business and an overwhelming desire to be doing either Pilates or Yoga ALL THE TIME! I temper my healthy living tendencies with a love of coffee, motorbikes and whisky! I'm an allround L-plater when it comes to everything life, but I do know one thing, entering the hot room is a soul-baring exercise of the most humbling yet life-changing proportions. Commit to it and you will find exactly what you need! And seriously, NO-ONE actually likes the heat, we've just learned how it can serve us, so please don't let that be your excuse. Lastly, if nothing else, I can promise you this, you'll meet the most incredible people on the mat. I certainly have! See you in the hot room…


Sarah has a love for hot pilates, yoga and everything health related and enjoys a strong, consistent practice which she aims to pass on to her students. When she’s not practicing or teaching in a studio, Sarah works as a Brand & Communications Manager for a not-for-profit health and human services organisation. In her spare time, Sarah helps her husband renovate houses with her two children.


Hi, I’m Jamie. 40+ yr old mother of two energetic and curious kids, wife of nearly 20 years, senior corporate executive and IHP EnterTrainer! Life is all about balance and that balance can’t start without you! Look, I’ve done almost all fitness regimes from marathons to Thai kickboxing, hardcore weight training, yoga and more. I was still so self-conscious of my body, now realising it’s because I wasn’t fully connected or balanced. A few years ago bikram came back into my life. Bikram led me to IHP and YAASS magic! It’s an honour every time I walk into the room to practice, to lead, to motivate and inspire others. This is what gives life, gives energy; supporting and inspiring others to be more than they thought possible. Creating strong, resilient, confident minds and bodies. Thank you for that honour and see you soon on your mat!


I was recommended to practice yoga by both my chiropractor and physiotherapist for migraines, chronic neck, and shoulder pain.  At the time, being a single mum of two children; I was only able to practice at home with DVD’s.  My home practice was a chore and very sporadic.   Eventually I was able to attend a lunchtime class (once weekly) at the gym in Sydney CBD where I worked.  I was so inspired by the teacher; I immediately completed a yoga teacher training before relocating to the Gold Coast in 2005. At the time I was a massage therapist and was trained in Reiki and Reconnective Healing modalities.  Over my life I had always been interested in the unseen world and mysticism and during my teacher training, I was surprised to discover that the mystical side of life had roots in yoga philosophy, and that the postures (the asanas) were only one of eight limbs of yoga.   I began to fall in love with yoga.  

Upon moving to the Gold Coast, I started to practice regularly and my love affair with yoga deepened.  Around 2008, I saw a yoga friend who I had not seen for a few months.   I was amazed by her glowing skin and her body was even more toned than previously.  She mentioned she had been practicing Bikram yoga    Inspired by this, I gave it a go, and truthfully, while I was in the class for the first time, I really did not like it; I even detested it.  However, the calmness I felt afterwards enticed me to go again, and then keep coming back. I challenged myself to get control of my mind in the hot room and boy was this a challenge!  I use to play videos in my head, over and over, during the class of myself leaving the room.  Although I never left the room during class; I wasted nearly every savasana planning my escape!  Despite this, I kept going and discovered the therapeutic effects of the postures were amplified by the heat, and within a short period of time I began to feel stronger in my mind and body. I was committed to the practice and knew I would eventually do my Bikram training when my youngest was old enough.   That time came in 2012, I went to Los Angeles to attend the life changing 9-week training which I can only describe as bootcamp on steroids!

I taught my first class when I returned and have subsequently taken further yoga trainings, such as yin yoga.  I remain dedicated to continue learning, practicing and teaching.  I am always ever grateful to each of my teachers over the years for their guidance and support and the studio owners for their service and commitment to providing a welcome, safe and therapeutic environment for teachers and students alike to grow.   


Hi, I am Sandy and I love peanut butter and yoga. I am a Bikram Yoga Teacher who first discovered this practice in 2010 when my health and self-confidence was compromised. With a regular practice I found the courage and confidence to make positive changes to my lifestyle, such as changing jobs, making healthier food choices, and learning to believe in myself. All these changes were fostered in the yoga room and around the studio by the supportive teachers, students and community. Organically I was encouraged to become a teacher myself, and I love sharing and returning the gift of this healing practice with others. As a teacher I enjoy connecting with the students, learning about their life journey and witnessing their changes and breakthroughs.

Outside of the yoga room I love the simple and necessary pleasures of life, such as, eating good food, or all food, along with managing my severe addiction to peanut butter. I also love and appreciate spending time in the sun with my family, and my fluffy friend, Fenton the labradoodle. Fenton has quite a special place in my heart as she fills my heart with pure love and is the best walking companion I have ever had.

P.s I am single and I feel very lucky to be a part of this community.


I began my Bikram Yoga journey in 2011.. after practicing hatha for years a friend invited me to try a Bikram Yoga class.. wow!! It was intense & a bit of a blur. But I had bought the intro offer so I decided to use it. After about my fifth class I started to notice some changes. Physically & mentally. I was becoming more patient & peaceful not just in the outside world but with myself, I was even learning to appreciate myself in a way I never knew possible. I bought a membership & was hooked! The benefits just kept popping up! After about a year I decided to muster up the courage & go to training to help spread the word.. it took some time to pack up my life here but I went to training in 2013 & have not looked back! I've taught in Serbia, Scotland, England, Germany, Turkey, Luxembourg and my home country Australia. It has changed my life & continues to bring my joy & fulfilment on a daily basis. It's not easy. I still have moments. I still have a posture that really challenges me. Every day is different yet it has consistency. Watching the lives of others improve is such an honour! I am blessed! I love chatting about the yoga not just in the studio but all over town.


Before I discovered yoga, I was quite anxious, underweight and not very confident. One day my mum suggested I apply to be a receptionist at a local yoga studio, and I went for it as the part time hours fitted in nicely with my university studies. However, I ended up making genuine friends and after starting to practice regularly, I realised I also felt better in my body than I had in years. I innately knew I would be a part of this community for the rest of my life, and the decision to sign up for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 came quite fluidly. I have since gone on to do further studies in yoga and pilates, and now teach a variety of class styles. Whether you’re looking for a strong, sweaty, dynamic movement, or a deeper stretch, we have something for you for you at the studio! I am really excited to both teach and practice side by side with you!

In need of a space to rent?


Our Yoga rooms are available for hire, as well as our two “massage sized” rooms. Short or long term options available.

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