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Come and experience the amazing feeling of floating in our unique OPEN Float Rooms, designed to diminish any feeling of claustrophobia. Our OPEN Float Rooms provide pure physical and mental bliss!

What is Floating?

Our clients float effortlessly on a very dense salt water solution, 30 cm deep, heavily saturated with Epsom salts. The water solution is maintained at a constant relaxed skin temperature of 34.5 degrees celsius. Gradually the nerve endings covering the body’s surface no longer perceive any sense of separation between the skin and the warm silky solution.

How Does it Work?

In our everyday modern environment we are exposed and stimulated by sight, sound, touch, and the forces of gravity – we really are constantly “plugged in”. In fact, scientists estimate that up to 90% of our brains normal workload is caused by this constant stimulation alone, building stress in our minds and bodies.

Floating screens out all of the external stimuli, giving our mind, body and soul some much needed rest and respite. In the float room our senses are  relieved of the over-stimulation in the outside world, allowing our body and mind to achieve a deep state of relaxation. You can float in silence, or choose ambient music, and there is a soft blue light which can be kept on or turned off for complete darkness.

Why The Open Room?

The most common resistance to Floating is fear of being in a confined space, ie. claustrophobia. Our Float Pool is in an open room, 2.4m high, 2.8m wide and 3.5m long. It sits above ground next to a shower, bench seat, and hanging hooks for towel and clothes. The unique design of our Float Rooms means it is easy for us to maintain the correct environmental conditions to maximise the therapeutic benefits of floating, while minimising the risk of claustrophobia.

Recent studies involving participants with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression have highlighted the benefits involved with Floating in the Open Float Room environment.

What Are the Benefits?

Floating brings peace & quiet, increased well-being & can serve as an alternative form of treatment to reduce stress or relieve persistent pain. Following is a short list of some of the effects which have been reported by researchers & users –

  • Promotes total calm, peaceful relaxation
  • Eliminates fatigue, improves sleep, and combats jet lag
  • Alleviates stress, energises, rejuvenates & revitalises
  • Stimulates left/right brain synchronisation, creates mental clarity, alertness, increases creativity and problem solving, heightens visualisation, deepens meditation, expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of senses, accelerates learning
  • Improves athletic performance & helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process, aids rehabilitation & recovery, relieves pain, boosts immune function
  • Improves circulation & distribution of oxygen & nutrients; reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate & oxygen consumption

We’re proud of our Floatation Therapy Australia Membership, which shows are committment to the best practice within the float industry including service and hygiene

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