Some inspirational Stories from our Students


I am 26 and three years ago, I honestly thought I would be the first person to die from doing the Triangle Pose. But now, while it may sound cliché, I can think of no better way to realign my body and my mind. The first class is always the toughest. All I could think about was bashing the door down to reach the cool air outside – my mind was chaotic and my body wasn’t doing what I told it to do – it is then that I realised I needed Bikram Yoga more than I first thought. But alas, it was only after a few practices that I began to crave the heat, rather than fight it. It allowed me to fully extend to my body’s maximum and taught me discipline as I focused my efforts on my breath and posture rather than the heat. Who knew that sweat could be your friend.

Not only has Bikram improved my strength, flexibility, balance and any neck pain I once had is now a distant memory, my sleep has become deeper and more peaceful and how I deal with stressful situations outside the hot room has altered incredibly. I feel in control of my body and my mind and am a stronger person because of it. Bikram Yoga is the one place that you think of nothing else…it’s tough and challenging, but invigorating and addictive.

The teachers at Northside Bikram are inspirational, encouraging, and are always willing to help students have the best practice they can have, no matter what their fitness level or experience.

Whilst I have a long way to go before I master the Triangle Post and constantly have to be reminded to tuck my tummy in, I am loving the journey and seeing myself grow inside and out. Physically I have toned and lengthened, but it’s what it is doing for me mentally that really makes me return, back bend after back bend.


Lorraine  xx


Anna first started Bikram Yoga back in 2005, when she was living in London. However due to her work commitments she was unable to attend regular classes. Then when she moved back to Australia in 2007 she rediscovered her love of “Bikram’s Torture Chamber” once more. She was living in Hobart, Tasmania and had recently married. She had a wonderful husband and a beautiful home. But was in a deep depression, was unhappy with how she looked and felt as though her body simply didn’t “work” properly. There were some days where she just didn’t want to get out of bed and looking back, honestly doesn’t know how she dragged herself to work most days. She was working in the childcare and family support industry which was draining on the best of days and she began to crave something so much more.

Then in September 2007 she stepped into the Bikram studio for the first time in 2 years. From that moment on there was no looking back! Over a few months she lost 15kg, had more energy and – was happy! Her husband said to her that whatever she did, she HAD to keep doing Bikram Yoga every single day. She completed a 10-day challenge, then a 30-day challenge and then thought…. “I have to teach this yoga to others.” So in October 2009, she attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas and has never looked back!

The levels of healing she has received from practicing her daily yoga are at times indescribable. Teaching Bikram Yoga is without a doubt the best job she has ever had and loves every minute of it. Everyday her students teach her something new and she hopes that in some small way, she is helping them reach their full potential through the healing powers of Bikram Yoga.

Namaste and see you in the hot room!



When my sister-in-law returned home with a Bikram Yoga Gold Coast brochure back in 1998, I made the assumption it was going to be similar to all the other yoga I had tried over the years.  Upon leaving the hot room after my first class, I felt and knew this was a whole different ball game.  I was hooked from that first class; the intense heat challenging my mind and body, with near euphoric feelings I gained upon completion.

My flexibility increased dramatically, eradicating my on-going lower back pain and aligning my spine to its correct position. And once the distraction of the heat became no more, was when the real yoga started.  My mental and physical strength grew, my determination and single pointed focus sharpened, stillness and peace grew from within and I lost all judgement of myself and others.  All of these lessons I was able to take out into my everyday life creating a very harmonious and happy life.

It became very apparent how much of an affect Bikram Yoga had on my life when I stopped practicing yoga and started travelling the world for 10 months.  I lost a lot of the clarity and mental strength that one gains from practising Bikram Yoga, which in turn, resulted in me making some wrong decisions.  I of course also lost all of my flexibility and fitness.

I am extremely happy to now be practicing at such a wonderful studio as Bikram Yoga North Brisbane, surrounded by beautiful teachers who are helping me to continue my walk along the Bikram path.  As in the words of Bikram, “It’s never too late, it’s never too bad, you’re never too old, you’re never too sick to start from scratch once again.” Bikram Choudhury.

Happy Bikraming!




I began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2004, as a seemingly last ditch effort to cure the many ills and pain I had become accustomed to in my life at the time; many skin problems, lagging energy levels, constant low back pain and near crippling sciatica to name just a few. After a nervous entry into the hot room, I quickly began to see results, with the sciatic and low back pain the first to go, surprisingly both of which I thought I would never be liberated from!  These surprises were soon followed by heightened energy levels, clearer skin and a much quietened mind.

Needless to say, after experiencing the healing power of yoga firsthand, I felt a strong responsibility to share this self empowering knowledge with others in the same kind of pain I had convinced myself to be normal not so long ago. Everyday was a constant reminder of where I had come from and how many people were suffering just as unnecessarily as I had been. All this gradually increasing my sense of responsibility and leading to certification as a Bikram Yoga instructor in 2007.

Looking back now, I find it very humbling how simply and efficiently this yoga practice pulled my body and mind back in to alignment and in so doing, thankfully my life. Some would say miraculously so, yet the science behind Bikram Yoga is also simple and easily understandable. I encourage all inquiring people I meet these days to experience Bikram Yoga first hand as I did years ago; to listen, learn, struggle and ultimately live the kind of happy and pain free life, given so freely to all, yet received by so few.


Three and a half years ago I had a shoulder & neck injury.  During this time I sought out Doctors, Specialist to find some measure to manage the constant pain.

I tried all types of treatment from physiotherapy, steroids injections, blocking the nerves in my neck, daily gym sessions, weekly deep tissue treatment and finally acupuncture.  Nothing seemed to ease the pain.  I was taking a daily assortment of pain relievers and a few other prescribed narcotics.  I was either in complete pain or off my face on the drugs and still with constant pain. My husband suggested yoga, after I researched it I came across Bikram Yoga.  I was really interested in the heated room and little did I know it was a “Hot Room” with benefits”.

While driving on Sandgate Rd, I saw  “The Sign”  it was Northside Bikram Yoga studio.  I was apprehensive and nervous but still called the studio.  I spoke to Benn who put me at ease right from the start. I believe you can tell a business by the people they have on the other end of the phone.  I was warmly welcomed and looked forward to my first class.

I finally got the courage up and made it to my first class.  Boy!!!  What a session!!!   The instructor was Benson, he was wonderful and so patient!  I was all over the place trying to breathe, doing postures etc and despite all this I did manage to stay in the room and only take the required water breaks!!

When I first started I was not able to hold my arms up over my head or turn my neck completely. When doing the Savasna on your tummy with your ear on the towel I could only get my cheek bone / nose on the towel.  I knew if I continued my body would be able to manage the postures eventually, which would result in more flexibility. Instinctively, I knew this is what I needed to get my physical & mental attitude back.

I received wonderful enthusiasm and encouragement from all the instructors after my classes. Their warm sincere attitude kept me going back.

I have been going now for just over 9 weeks.  I have noticed more flexibility in my shoulder, neck and body. I am able to wash & blow dry my hair!!  When I drive I am able to turn my head easier when changing lanes. It was a major struggle before with both activities. And the most encouraging part is during the tummy Savasna I can now put my ear on the towel!  I have more strength, tone and appreciation of my body again.

I have more energy and are looking forward to gaining more quality of life. My husband has noticed the differences both mentally and physically and loves the results.

I still wonder at times when I am in class why I am there.  I know the more I struggle with my mind and postures in the hot room the more energy, calmness and contentedness I have for the rest of the day and my life.

To quote Sherry,  “If we struggle in the hot room we will have less struggle outside the room”.




People aged 8-80 years, lazy bums to surf bums, elite athletes to weekend heroes, heart patients to those with no patience, and diabetics to chocaholics all around the world are reaping the benefits of Yoga and Pilates. It doesn’t matter what kind of physical condition you are in. All our classes cater for beginners and are suitable for everybody and every body! Intermediate students may go deeper into yoga postures, or move quicker in the Pilates exercises, however there is never any expectation on anyone to do everything perfectly! The key is effort – you try the best you can, the right way.

New Student?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for class.

  • No reservations are necessary. Come to any class time.
  • Bikram classes are 90 minutes, Yin and Kundalini are 75minutes, and Pilates is 1 hour.
  • Come 10-15 mins early for your first class so we can meet, greet and register you. NO LATE ADMITTANCE.
  • Drink 1-2 litres of fluids in the hours prior to class, (alcohol and caffeine don’t count).
  • No big meals within three hours of practice.
  • Wear light, comfortable, exercise clothing.
  • Bring an open mind, yoga mat, large towel and water bottle (all available at the studio for a small fee.)
  • Make sure to notify the instructor if you are pregnant, taking prescribed medication or have any injuries, illness or had recent surgery.
  • Finally be prepared to sweat, strain, laugh and do more for your health, body and general well-being than you ever imagined possible!

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